She is a female client who first appeared at Papa's Sushiria. It is created by ISELA JIMENEZ.

Information Edit

Hometown: Tastyville

Occupation: Futura critica gastronómica

Origin: French

Loves you

Ama: Dancing

Hates: Not reaching your goals

Quinntina is a girl who since her childhood loves gastronomy, she is the daughter of Jojo, the gastronomic critic and thanks to him, she quickly falls in love with gastronomy now that she studies high school after her classes goes to courses and classes of Gastronomy to be equal to Jojo its pope, but its breast Quinn wants that it is like her but I think Quinntina loves more the gastronomy than the right one. She met Nao in high school and they work in the bakery in the game, but before she worked in the bakery she met Timm and since almost every day she went to see him both fell in love and when Timm entered he told him that if it would be His girlfriend and she said that yes, Quinntina is three years younger than him but she does not care, but since Quinn and Jojo discovered that his daughter was with Tim, Quinn's former co-worker, she and Jojo are watching the two , From time to time after work in the game goes with timm to dance disco as if it were an appointment, they both love each other a lot.

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