The following rules and policies on this page are here to benefit the users of this wiki and to help users enjoy their experience here. These rules apply from images to editing to commenting. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or a block depending on the severity.

Sections: Edit

  • Section A: General Rules
  • Section B: Block Policies
  • Section C: Editing Policies
  • Section D: Profile Policies
  • Section E: Forum/Comment Policies
  • Section F: Chat Policies
  • Section G: Bot Policies
  • Section H: Other Rules

General Rules:Edit

  • Behave Appropriately. Do not argue with, harass, annoy, insult, threaten, offend, or disrespect any users or their opinions.
  • Respect the Staff and if they tell you to stop, please stop without further arguing. If there still is a problem, contact a staff member.
    • All users, no matter what status, are asked to show respect to all other users. No disrespect will be tolerated.


  • Insult or Cyberbully any users. All users have the right to remove threads or comments that they feel is offensive to them. Insulting users in that way will result in lengthy blocks.
    • This includes insulting users who may not be fluent in English. We encourage you to help these users so you can understand them better and they can understand you better.
  • Do not show any form of discrimination or racism.
  • No Spamming, Vandalizing, or Trolling or supporting these. These can result in very long blocks.
  • Do not advertise your wiki on this wiki if it is meant to start fights and/or wars. Failure to comply results in a block.

Sockpuppetry: Edit

  • Sockpuppetry is using another account to avoid a block or other punishment. If the user created another account by choice, the user must choose one account to be blocked forever. This is a major offense on Wikia.

Block Policies: Edit

  • A staff member has every right to block a user who is breaking any rules.
  • In the occasional event of a misunderstanding, the blocked user is welcome to contact a staff member on their wall at Community Central. To terminate your block, evidence must be provided (preferably screenshot). If you are found to by lying, the block will be extended.
    • If you are blocked on this wiki, it is not acceptable to follow that admin to another wiki and complain there. Doing so will result in a longer block here.
    • If you are blocked on another wiki by an admin, it is not acceptable to follow them here to get revenge. Doing so will result in a block on this wiki.
    • Attempting to pass by your block by creating another account will result in the blockage of both accounts.

Editing Policies: Edit

Categories: Edit

  • Do not add unnecessary categories to a page. Most pages are correctly categorized, and if you have a concern, please ask an admin.
  • Category names should be short, but not abbreviated.
  • Do not add random categories just to earn a category badge. Breaking this rule will result in a week long block.

Edit Wars: Edit

  • An edit war is when multiple users disagree on what a page should look like and they repeatedly undo each other's edits. If an edit war starts, contact an admin.

Profile Policies: Edit

  • You are not allowed to say negative things about other users on your profile.
  • Do not edit another user's profile without permission. This is considered rude and will result in a week long block.
  • It is not recommended that you reveal personal information like age, birthdate, city you live in, and other personal info.
  • You have the right to have whatever you want on your profile except for the things listed above.

Forum/Comment Policies: Edit

Forums: Edit

  • The purpose of the thread must be defined in the title of the post or the "mother" post of the thread.
  • Forum replies must be a reasonable length. 5 paragraph answers are not permitted.
  • If you are discussing a problem, you can post it on the forum, but it is recommended that an admin knows too.

Comments: Edit

  • The comment should be somehow related to the page.
  • Keep comments at a reasonable length.
  • Do not over-reply to a comment. If this is done too many times, this will be deleted and must be restarted on the Forums.

Chat Policies: Edit

The Chat is a fun way to chat with your fellow Wikians. This is a faster way of messaging, and anything can be discussed here.

  • All of the rules apply here. This is an extension of Wikia.
  • No gossiping or talking about other users in a bad way. Failing to comply will result in a kick and eventually a ban.
  • No linking to dangerous and malicious websites. This will result in a month-long block.
  • Do not use foul language in the chat. This will also result in a kick or a ban.
  • Please do not discuss controversial topics here (elections, politics, etc)

Bot Policies: Edit

  • You are not allowed to use your own account to operate the CategoryRenameAuto-Update, the MassCategorization, or the AutoEditPages tool. Only a bot can be used for that.
  • If you do not own a bot, you can create a bot, or you can ask someone who has a bot to do the work for you.
  • Do not use the bot in a harmful way. Bots can be very helpful if used in the right way, but they can be very harmful if used in the wrong way. Bots will be blocked for "bad behavior."

Other Rules: Edit

  • When renaming a page, ALWAYS REDIRECT it to the new name. There is no consequence for this, but it makes it a lot easier if you do.