Christmas is a holiday celebrated in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games. When a player reaches this holiday in any of the games below, Santa makes his first appearance as well:

Either the achievements "Holiday Cakes", "Holiday Meal", "Holiday Donuts", "Holiday Sandwiches", "Holiday Pies", "Holiday Tacos", "Holiday Sushi", and "Holiday Hotcakes" are earned when all of the Christmas holiday-exclusive ingredients are unlocked.

Customers bring Candy Canes to celebrate the holiday.

Customers Who Like This HolidayEdit

Christmas Cupcake LinersEdit

Christmas liners
  • Candy Cane Stripes
  • Pine Trees
  • Present's Tie
  • Red and Green Dots over a White Background

Christmas-Exclusive IngredientsEdit

Papa's CupcakeriaEdit

Christmas toppings

Papa's PastariaEdit

Christmas toppings (pastaria)

Papa's DonuteriaEdit

Papa s donuteria christmas by mokamizore97-d7mxq30

Papa's CheeseriaEdit

Christmas Ingredients - Cheeseria

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!Edit

Papa's Cupcakeria HDEdit

Papa's BakeriaEdit

Christmas Ingredients - Bakeria

Papa's Taco Mia HD/To Go!Edit

Christmas Ingredients - Taco Mia HD

Papa's SushiriaEdit

Christmas toppings sushiria by amelia411-das4uyf

Papa's Pancakeria HDEdit

Papa's Pancakeria HD - Ingredients - Christmas

Papa's Pizzeria HDEdit

Pizzeria HD - Christmas Ingredients


  • In many countries, people celebrate Christmas with roasted goose.
  • Both Papa's Burgeria chefs like this holiday in Papa's Cupcakeria/To Go!
  • The theme icon for this is Christmas icon. It was replaced with Christmas icon2 in Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! and Papa's Bakeria as the CometCon icon represented Comet Con to avoid confusion. In Papa's Sushiria, the Christmas icon3 icon is green because the red icon is used for Lucky Lucky Matsuri. In Papa's Pizzeria HD, the Christmas icon4 icon is green again, but now with a C.
  • Santa starts at a Silver Customer Award and only comes on Christmas starting with Papa's Pastaria.

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